Friday, July 30, 2010

Personal Project

Wow! I'm back ladies and gentlemen, just a few days ago I created another blog entitled Day One Monster-- monsters in my head. It's a personal project that hopefully i can keep for until I don't feel like posting anymore, haha. I was wondering when that would be? soon? so soon like most probably next month? NO wag naman sana! The blog is a (not so) daily monster created by yours truly, it's a monster doodle a day, sure you have seen other sites which have the same concept. Copycat? Yah, it is a copycat, so what, everybody has food blog and it's not  original concept. Everybody talks about themselves, certainly not  original anymore. Everybody talks about their pet, not original anymore, too. Travels? so not original anymore, so why the heck not another monster blog? The only original about Day One Monster is that they are all my own monsters, they're kiko's monsters. Monsters kikofied one hundred percent!  

Sunday, January 10, 2010

seryoso mode.

March of 2009 I posted a profile pic which I designed, in my Friendster account. It says "Ginormous thanks for a hugantic help"--(signed) kixmtz. It has been my profile pic for almost a year now and no, I do not intend to remove it, probably in time I will. 
Why post such pic? What's the sense? 

Well early last year, January 2009, one of our siblings, our only sister Marilen, was hospitalized, doctors discovered a mass in her brain, apparently it was a benign tumor, she had to undergo series of tests and a surgery on February 2009. There were tons of people helped us pay the doctors fee and hospital bills, all of them prayed for my sister's fast recovery. Because of these gargantuan help from people, I posted a pic in my profile to give my  big thanks to them, huge number of them knows my sister, but what so amazed me was, a lot of them do not know my sister, but they lend their hands for help. What a noble and kind act! Our family was so blessed and God is so good that we saw sincere compassion and overflowing love from them for my sister. 

Maliit man o malaki ang tulong ang naibigay it did not matter dahil pagsamasamahin lahat ng tulong na natanggap namin sobrang laking blessing yun. Wala pang salitang naiimbento na mas higit pa sa salamat para ma-express ang kasiyahan na natamo naming lahat para sa tulong na ibinahagi unconditionally. Maraming maraming maraming salamat.  After two months of recovery from the surgery, my sister went back to work and as of today almost a year had passed she is doing very very well.

Maraming salamat sa Familia Martinez lahat ng mga kamag anakan na tumulong ng sobra sobra, here in the Philippines and abroad. Gigantic thanks to Nantes Family, Antonio Family, Mananguit Family, Rhea Mallari and family and her super friends/office mates, Maricel Cabana and family and her marvelous friends, my sister's wonderful friends, here in the Philippines and abroad and her office mates from all department, my brother's  amazing friends and his office mates from all department, my dad's friends and office mates, my mom's friends. Parishioners of Talavera, Muntinlupa, Pagbilao, and Las Pinas. To my awesome friends, thanks for offering prayers for my sister. Sa mga taong hindi ko kakilala at kasalukuyang binabasa ito at tumulong ka sa sister ko. Isang taos pusong pasasalamat sa inyong lahat. Thank you guys for being angels to my sister. Have a great and abundant 2010!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

another map

A friend of mine asked me to link her hometown to Google map. She's from TIGAON it's in  Camarines Sur. I think I have never been to Tigaon before, my family lived in Camarines Sur for ten years though.


Just got home from my dad's hometown, Pagbilao in Quezon Province. Doing some projects there. hehe. exciting. wohoo.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Don't you just envy people who never cower to perform infront of a crowd, no matter how big the mob is?

There were gazillion of instances that i never ever enjoyed being in front of everybody. According to my friends who were in a band ,it's the adrenaline rush that makes performing in front of a crowd so addictive. But for me it's the adrenaline rush that made me almost poop in my pants when I was in the middle of a shool performance back in highschool. Oh yeah, I do remember the song, It was 'Like a Prayer' by Madonna, haha Madonna! It was not a solo performance, It was a group performance, group performance means all students in class. I never liked the feeling. I mean who would be? Come on, my gut that time was rumbling and was about to break loose, and I was thinking very hard what did I had for breakfast? As cold beads of sweat rolls down my forehead, sweaty hands and all, I was talking to my self, cussing madonna for making that dang song's intro like a mile long, and I was about to yell "Can someone please  hit the fast forward button and make it end?!" Buset! Highschool. Worst time of my butt life. Uneasy butt multiplied by 10. Yes Martin Pelaez! The reason I was going in and out of the toilet in fourth floor was because I had tummy aches. I had something for lunch or whatever that day. Hehe, sobrang sakit ng tyan ko gusto kong itulog sa toilet. There you go, I said it. haha.

In elementary days i was in grade 2 or 3, was it? I actually stutter, I disliked being called by my teacher and recite because I stutter I am not sure if my parents were aware of  my speech defect that time. It's the nervousness that makes my butt uneasy and my tongue tied. But after awhile, (or was it a long while?) I managed to stop my stuttering, I did not know how it happened, it just stopped. Then I was immersed with strong conviction and will power that i actually believed i can sing amazingly. What the &**@##$! Just going about it at present I think it's plainly stupid! On my sixth grade, you won't believe this, I participated in 'programs' they call it, it's a class program, brewed by teachers who were not in the mood to teach, sleepy probably, or too busy computing the grades of the whole class, to keep the teacher "entertained" she let's her students sing, dance, act... eat fire, fetch the stick, roll over hehe. It's like one of those talent shows on tv only micro version. Kids my age that time were sucker for those petty entertainment, they have their favorites, and I am not one of them, you can hear their 'ohhs' and 'ahhs' as i belt those high notes. NOT! haha. I thought so too that I am capable of singing but hell no. I think I was possessed or something. There was this entity that took over my body that made me participate in those 'programs'. Unimaginable! What was i thinking? ewww! yak! haha.  For some time, I managed to take control over my butt. That is what I thought. But an uneasy butt never ceases. I must accept it.

Funny. It's the Kool-aid commercial! I don't think I mentioned this to anyone before. Back in highschool I was very, very unsure of what to take up in college, in fact even when I was taking my chosen course AB Communication Arts with specialization in Advertising, I was still unsure if I want to  pursue a career out of it.
It's the Kool-aid commercial, Stephen Garcia's dad was one of those people who made that commercial. Cool! my classmate's dad makes advertisements! I may not be working in an ad agency right now, but still I am very glad, that i made a good decision of what i took up in college. It was a good decision, yeah I was unsure, but still it was a good decision. What so good about it is that it minimized the uneasy butt of mine big time. Ikaw ba naman bombahin ng everyday report sa harap ng class, interviews here and there, oral recitations every single day at impromtu speeches. Umiikot pa rin ang tumbong ko pero never had the feeling again na I was about to poop in my pants.

Booyah! Thank you Stephen Charles Garcia's dad. If it's not because of you, I may be stinking now. Hu! Baho!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coffee teeth

Great. Coffee stained teeth. Never thought I would have it. These past few weeks I was busy in our group thesis, I would frequent one of those coffee shops, I am not a coffee drinker but in order to boot up my sleep deprived brain, and never ever think about hitting the sack again, or at least until our group finished our thesis, what I needed were enormous pails of caffeine. Our group which was initially a four member group were down to two. Sayang those other two were very very much of help sana para mapaganda pa ang thesis namin, they both got very brilliant minds pa naman. Mga gifted parang ganun. I enrolled at  TESDA's program and took Computer Programming NCIV course for free (hehe I'm still waiting for the catch on this one, what would the government need me for? hmmm...lunok, syet!) and in order to get my certificate we need to finish our thesis. And even on a Sunday I still need to work on my thesis, my partner was not around during weekends she need to rest because she has a kid to look after and she also have a job. As for me 'Aint no rest for the wicked' sabi nga ng Cage the Elephant, haha, o ye, am I wicked or what? uhuh, starving designer I am. Few moments later a cuss slipped my mouth 'F***!ano bang sakit ng ulo itong ginawa ko sa sarili ko' hehehe. Of course dumating lang ang time na may ganung mga moment na parang maganda ang magquit. Kaso pano naman ang ipinasok kong two months mauuwi lang sa wala? hindi maaari! Hindi naman ako ganun ka okay sa programming so-so lang ako, pero ang alam ko lang gawin ay magtiyaga. I downloaded codes from the net pinag aralan kung pano ginamit ng authors then inapply namin sa system na binubuo namin. And what do you know? one day before the defense chill lang kami ng partner ko. Natapos namin on time ang programming, the documentation part was good hehe I'm the one in charge of the documentation. We were an hour early sa defense namin, na iset up namin ang presentation namin in fifteen minutes. Our system worked perfectly and we passed the defense. We nailed it. hehe. Yabang...kikofied syet!  Now i can put on my biggest grin and show my super yellow teeth to everyone. Hell ye! Woot Woot!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I named my wacom Stan

My two year old wacom graphire 4 was brutally opened by a local tv repair man, syet, napapangiwi ako nun ihinang ung ipapalit kong usb cable sa wacom ko.  Then the repair man asked me "Boss, ano tawag dito?" "ah wacom po, wacom tablet" I replied.iningatan kong huwag masira un wacom ko pero kahit anong ingat talagang hindi maiiwasan. I think phased out na ang model ko ng wacom dahil few months after I bought my wacom tablet, they released a new model called Bamboo, with free mouse and pen tips, buset, halos magkapresyo pa sila. Pero ok lang napakinabangan naman un graphire 4 ko. Hindi ko naman kailangan dalhin sa tv repair man, kaso nawala ko un warranty card at saka two years na un,  naghanap ako sa internet ng wacom service centers, kaya lang gastos pa un. Naginvestigate na lang ako kung ano problema. There was a problem pala with the usb cable, kakapulupot ng kakapulupot naputol ung wires sa loob ng cable, kaya emergency operation nangyari sa kanya. Parang Frankenstein, parang heart transplant, ibang piyesa na. hehehe. Then I decided to name my wacom, I thought how about Stan. Frankenstan. haha. Watchatink?  Ya. he's working perfectly fine, matatapos ko na gagawin ko. Teehee!